Circular renovation strategy for the facade

The workshop aims to help a design team in developing a circular renovation strategy for facades. During this co-creation session, several tools are used to assist a design team in encouraging discussion on circular solutions for the building's facade.

The workshop is organised in four phases:

- Define design goal and parameters

- Looking for alternative solutions

- Inform and inspire

- Discuss final renovation strategy


"The toolbox really encourages discussion and to (re)think about what a more circular solution could be"

- 51N4E


Download the flowchart, one of the tools used during the workshop

Estimated duration: 1-2 hours

For who? The design team

Knowledge needed? No prior knowledge is required

Design phase: Preferably at the beginning of the design process, or it can be used as a reflection on the design

Project: a renovation project

Materials needed: The worksheets, pens, basic information on the facade