Include a circular strategy in the tender dossier or create support for circular design strategies in the tender dossier

Exemplary case

tcentrum goep.jpg

't Centrum

Together with a consortium of 7 companies, Kamp C is realizing a flexibly adaptable office building. With its well-considered circular design and a conscious choice of materials, techniques, and innovative business models, this building should be a catalyst for circular construction in Flanders and beyond.

With a range of circular ambitions and a fixed budget, Kamp C challenged the market to build a consortium and to introduce innovative building solutions themselves. 

Read more on the project and its procurement and tender documents here.


More information and sources

Circular tendering: Where to start? by Bond Beter Leefmilieu

The Flemish Government has an action plan for sustainable public procurement.

Also have a look at the European Union Green Public Procurement and the Belgian sustainable public procurement.