Share a circular vision

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Sharing a common vision in a circular building project is the agreement on a set of goals and ideal outcomes in order to clarify the mission and the priorities for both the project and the collective process.



Defining a common purpose links stakeholders together and creates a mutual understanding of the benefits of collaborating on a circular building project. Future visions can be seen as a key element in the transition to a circular building sector.


Questions like 'What will we include in our vision of succes (of a circular project)?' or 'What is or could be the ideal outcome of this project?' will be treated to create clear collective goals, with benefits for the stakeholder group as for each stakeholder sepertely. The workshop goes then deeper into how organising the collaboration to get to the set goals and how to integrate risk management.

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Download the first worksheets of the workshop Share a circular vision

Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours

Language: Dutch or English

Knowledge needed? No prior knowledge is required

Design phase: Preferably at the beginning of the design process

For who? Building owner (bouwheer) and/ or design team, or the whole supply chain together