Inspiration and knowledge on the 

 design & construction of circular façades 

The Circular Façades Platform has the aim to inspire and inform construction teams on designing and building in a circular way, with a focus on façades. This way, knowledge becomes accessible, coherent, and ready to use. It arose from the concern that despite all available knowledge, the circular principles are only applied on a small scale in construction practice.

What are circular façades?

 There is not one clear-cut definition of circularity, circular construction or circular façades. It depends on the project and the context. However, more explanation is given under 'Definition'. Some practical cases inspire show the potential.

Can I contribute?

Are you an architect, a façade builder, or another façade actor? We are looking for your expertise to participate in our workshops on circular building. Let's learn from each other.

How to develop circular façades?

An overview of different tools, made by other frontrunners, to be able to design and develop a circular façade. The tools are ready to use.  Get accurate insights, make better decisions.

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