Circular design strategies

Develop a circular design strategy for your specific building design challenge, based on the available design strategies

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What are circular design strategies?

Circular design strategies are are methods, guidelines or tips that you can work with to make your building design fit the circular economy framework. 

How to use these strategies?

Unfortunately, it is not the case that an appropriate strategy for one building will also fit for another. Just like the design itself, it's a matter of evaluating what design qualities can be applied to your design.

Fortunately, there are already numerous guides and tools available to help you navigate through all of these strategies. You can find some of them here.

Proposed workshop
Develop a circular renovation strategy for the facade

The workshop aims to help a design team in developing a circular renovation strategy for facades. During this co-creation session, several tools are used to assist a design team in encouraging discussion on circular solutions for the building's facade.



Download the worksheets.


Define the design goal and the important parameters for the facade's design. Fill in the evaluation matrix by means of the parameters list.


Look for alternative design solutions through the flowchart.


Inform and inspire yourself by reading the conceptual sheets.


Decide the final facade renovation strategy by re-evaluating the evaluation matrix. Are there other parameters you would add in the meantime?


"The toolbox really encourages discussion and to (re)think about what a more circular solution could be"

- 51N4E

Estimated duration: 1-2 hours

For who? The design team

Knowledge needed? No prior knowledge is required

Design phase: Preferably at the beginning of the design process, or it can be used as a reflection on the design

Project: a renovation project

Materials needed: The worksheets, pens, basic information on the facade

More information and sources

Have a look at the circular design strategy tools collected on this platform.

Why we shouldn't take these tools for granted. A paper on the evaluation of the Dynamic Design Matrix. (via ResearchGate)

Hungry for more considerations on such tools? Read the journal paper on design tools for circular building.