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Bouwdeel D(emontabel) is a completely disassemblable building on the site of a historic, monumental building complex in the center of Delft. 

Bouwdeel D(emontabel) has the same footprint as the existing building that was degraded and demolished. The new building has four storeys, each with a floor area of around 200 metres. In addition to being demountable and remountable, the building is lightweight by keeping the use of materials to an absolute minimum. Also, the building is fully flexible. The ground floor is made of concrete, but otherwise, all building components are modular and dry-mounted. Simplicity has been an important starting point in the design.​ 

The building's structure is constructed by steel, prefabricated and slender elements. The structural floors and roof are made of lightweight Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) wooden elements. The screed is bio-based and consists of gravel-like granules in a cardboard honeycomb structure topped with gypsum fibre slabs. The entire screed is dry and easily removable. The building has no window frames: the double-layer insulating glass is mounted directly on the steel structure. The steel structure has been fitted with welded-on screw profiles for this purpose.

The façades' structure and construction

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